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Richard Branson Leadership Principles

richard-branson-leadership-principles The Richard Branson Leadership Principles may seem straightforward and simple – but therein lies the beauty.  Great leaders are often down-to-earth and can make their message easy to understand and easy to follow.

I had the amazing privilege this week of attending a live interview with Sir Richard Branson where he shared his principles of leadership success with a small group of eager listeners (like me).   Having spent a number of years working for Virgin, I have long respected Branson for his great achievements in business and philanthropic contributions.  While his style may be a little controversial at times, there is no doubt that he really is an inspiration, and one of today’s Legendary Leaders.   I am a firm believer that it makes sense to learn from those who have gone before us. Why repeat mistakes that someone else has made?  why not take an extra five minutes to listen to some wisdom from those who have made it happen?


 Richard Branson Leadership Principles

  1. A good leader should be genuinely interested in people and strive to see the best in them.
  2. To succeed in business you need to build a great team around you that believe in what you are doing.
  3. If you praise people, they flourish.  Always look for a way to praise your team.
  4. Leadership requires knowing how to delegate and how to be a good listener.
  5. A leader should promote people above what they expect.  This demonstration of trust often causes them to excel.
  6. A successful business comes from creating something that makes a difference to other people’s lives.
  7. You can identify a gap in the market by asking yourself how you can do what others are already doing – better.
  8. Go for quality, make sure you are the best in what you do otherwise it’s pointless.  Create something you can be proud of.
  9. Always be prepared for the worst that can happen.  This will help turn adversity into success.
  10. Starting a business is tough, but you have to fight for its survival.
  11. Don’t treat your bank like your GP, be ready to switch to get the support you need to ensure your business succeeds.
  12. There is no point launching a product unless you can get the word out about it.  Free PR is one of the best ways to do this.
  13. Get the details right!

Finally, successful business leaders need to remember that they are incredibly fortunate.  No one gets to the top on their own.  Every single person you read about or hear about has had the support of others.  They have an immense responsibility to give back to society in many different ways such as starting new ventures that create jobs or contributing to social efforts to improve lives.  It’s about changing the community you live in.

I have no doubt that many of our readers are already on the path to becoming successful business leaders.  I look forward to you writing in to share your stories and hearing about the lessons you’ve learned, the businesses you’ve started and the difference you’ve made in your world.

Liz Lugt (4 Posts)