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Gift FYM to Your School

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Why not send a subscription for FYM to your local school?  It’s a great way to support enterprise education and give young people the tools they need to develop skills in ethical business, responsible money management and personal leadership that impacts others.

Hundreds of schools have already signed up and are using FYM with students in lessons and in their libraries, but schools are continuing to face funding cuts and the quality and quantity of their resources are dwindling.

Young people continue to face economic crisis, employment crisis and education crisis -while the government encourages them to become ‘entrepreneurs’ as an option.  The problem is that many young people today don’t know what that means or where to start to find out.  Pressures on schools mean that even GCSE business courses have less space than they need to support this new career path that many are facing.

FYM helps to get young people on the path towards understanding entrepreneurship that helps them whether they start up on their own or enter into employment for someone else.

Supporting education and supporting young people in this way -support the growth of our economy over time.

To send your FYM Gift, fill in the form below and we will add your school of choice to our database and let the school know of your generous gift.  We will also send you a thank you email to let you know we received your order.

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