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We believe that young people are talented, resourceful and clever.

They are hardworking and innovative when encouraged and empowered to share their creativity.

This is what drives our vision to provide opportunities for young people to gain experience in media and publishing, while learning about business and leadership.


Fresh Young Minds is a charitable foundation with two missions:  Education and Enterprise for young people

We accomplish both of these aims in the following ways:


  • We  find, support & promote youth talent and training in the media and publishing industries through special projects.
  • We run media projects where journalists, photographers, editors, designers and other professionals work alongside young people to produce outstandingly creative, engaging and effective publications, mainly our business magazine, Fresh Young Millionaire.


  • Our main publication is Fresh Young Millionaire Magazine.  The first issue is due to be released in February 2012.  The editorial content of the magazine is aspirational and engaging.
  • Young journalists research and write about business, leadership and money, with an interesting twist on sport, fashion and celebrities.
  • It will published bi-monthly and is available on-line for download with some print copies distributed to select orgnaisations each issue.
  • Distribution is free for a limited time as we begin our pre-launch program.
  • We involve young (and young at heart) contributors in every issue, but a few issues each year are dedicated Fresh Young Minds project editions, where the entire magazine is lead, managed and produced by young people with media mentors.
  • We publish an online version of Fresh Young Millionaire that is updated several times a week with new business start-up and money management tips.
  • We are in the process of forming an online-community for young people to meet and share ideas about business and form partnerships.
  • We host sponsored events for young people to learn more about business and leadership.
  • We provide mentoring and support for young people who want to start a business of their own, or who want to get into media and publishing.

How the Projects Work:

Our media and publishing projects are the main focus of our charity throughout the year.

With a few days of preparation beforehand, the team is ready to work round-the-clock for one week to create a single issue of Fresh Young Millionaire which is published directly to our website for download, with print copies distributed to select schools, colleges and youth organisations.

The projects give young people not only with skills in writing, editing, designing, but also in communication, team work, and leadership as they work together to generate ideas, produce quality content and meet deadlines.   The result is a completed issue ready for print and publication.  The projects close with a celebration of success, and plan for growth and development.

Those involved, not only gain valuable skills that can then be transferred to a variety of employment or study routes, but they also gain support, feedback and encouragement that increases their confidence and ability to work with others.   Participants leave with quality portfolio material and a new network of advisers and friends to guide and partner with them on future projects.

Most of our activities are funded through the generous support from sponsors, partners and private donations.

Additional support is raised through our sister business: Fresh Young Media – the trading arm of our organisation.