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Fresh Young Millionaire:  The only business magazine for young people.     (And the young at heart).

Fresh Young Millionaire was born out of the knowledge that the world of work and education is becoming increasingly complex – and expensive!

The media has been brutally honest as we read about the highest numbers of unemployed young people in history, the highest rates for post secondary education ever, the hardest times to predict the future of investments or pensions.

But we are a Fresh, Young company full of hope, ambition and confidence in the future.

We have faith in the quality and creativity of young people today.   They’ve told us:  they are tired of reading about celebrity gossip and mind-numbing trash about nothing.

They are intelligent and ambitious.  All over the world, young people are already successful business owners, charity organisers and community contributors.

We decided it was time to help them in a more direct and practical way.    Fresh Young Millionaire is our way of doing that.


As the only business magazine for young people, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to engage, equip and empower our audience in business, leadership and life.

Our magazine is published three times a year and is available on-line, with some printed copies distributed to select organisations each issue.  The first issue was free of charge to every school and 6th form college in the UK, with several receiving class sets of 30.  Each issue we gift a selection of schools with class sets to use with students.  Each set comes along with a teaching activity resource to support teachers with fun, easy-to-use activities to equip their students for entrepreneurial thinking.

We welcome submissions for articles and artwork from anyone of any age.  Several young people have been involved in the company from the start, and continue as part of the team for digital and print issues, as well as our on-line newsletters.