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We are proud to introduce our growing team of contributors united in the vision to see young people encouraged and equipped to be successful in business, money, leadership and life.  We have a diverse and dedicated group of professionals and young people sharing their talent and expertise.

Scott Barratt  Business and Music

I have three passions in life: Psychology, Writing, and Music. I just love the culture that is associated with them all, so whenever I’m not catching or performing in a gig, I like to write about my interpretation of the many experiences that life gives us, and how they link together.  I think business and leadership are linked to everything, including the music industry.  I only hope I can share these three passions with the readers in a way that entices and keeps them interested, while hopefully helping them learn something new along the way.

In the future I hope to either be a professional musician, a teenage counselor/therapist or a music journalist. I hope you enjoy my articles.


Morgan Beale  Sport Journalist

Morgan Beale was born in London, but proudly declares being ‘three quarters Welsh’.  He has lived in Brussels and Washington D.C., where he played football for a couple of different teams.  At 11, Morgan was shipped back to boarding school in England, where he learned to play rugby – which has become by far his favourite sport.  He plays for the A team at his school and passionately supports the Welsh National Team.  “Sport is brilliant and can be looked at from many angles. The business aspect is particularly interesting. When I am older I would like to have something to do with sports professionally, whether that is playing or doing something like sports journalism, I don’t know. I hope you enjoy my articles.”

Morgan turns 14 in January and is in year 9.

Corey Michael Blake Business and Leadership

Corey is the author of #Jump (April 2012) is the President of Round Table Companies and Writers of the Round Table Press. In addition to publishing some of the most prolific authors of our time, Corey consults businesses and leaders on using creativity to connect with their customers, define and amplify the heart of their business, and instigate culture change. www.coreymichaelblake.com



Anna Chai   Illustrator and Art Contributor

Anna likes to express feelings, thoughts, messages through visual art. She has had a passion for creativity and visual art from a young age, and has followed this through to A Level Art, which she is currently studying. She enjoys and excels at several disciplines including drawing and painting still life, portraiture and experimenting with different materials and techniques such as printing and relief sculpture.  From a diverse background herself, Anna hopes to communicate to young people from a range of cultures and backgrounds through her inspiring images.  Her work for FYM has begun as she illustrates a number of inspirational quotes for business and leadership., which will be archived in our upcoming media gallery.

Anna also studies music, maths and physics. She is  interested in helping fellow young people to succeed and work to achieve their aspirations, encouraging them to aim high and dream big.   She is 16 and is currently completing her A Levels.

Lara Duncan Fashion Journalist

My names Lara. I’m an aspiring fashion journalist currently studying my AS Levels. My subjects include English Language, Psychology, Fashion Textiles and Applied Media. After finding the FYM website on twitter I wanted to contribute some articles and get involved.  I am most interested in writing about fashion and inspirational celebrities.  Lady Gaga is especially inspirational to me.  Her hard work ethic and incredible talent has a massive impact on my life.  I think she is a great role model.

I recently set up a fashion blog called http://thecarbonclone.tumblr.com/


Amy Jones Business Trends

My name is Amy. I am currently at college studying A-Levels in Business Studies, French and Textiles and hope to continue my studies of business at university so that I can become a manager! I am hugely inspired by the great business leaders such as Richard Branson, and I hope that my studies enable me to be as successful as him one day!


 fresh young millionaire contributorLiz Lugt Money and Motivation

Liz Lugt is a speaker, writer, trainer and mentor.  She inspires individuals to live to their potential and to empower them with the tools to do so.  She does this by combining her skills as a qualified chartered accountant, her experience in business and her personal journey in following her passion.  In addition to regular contributions to our money, finance, advice and inspiration sections, Liz gives talks, runs workshops and offers one-to-one mentoring sessions for small businesses, start-ups and individuals who want to see their money begin to work for them and experience more freedom and success in business and life.

Originally from South Africa, Liz now resides in London, England with her family.  www.lizlugt.com

Barbara Bowes  HR and Management

Barbara Bowes is an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach, writer and professional strategist/consultant. Barbara is also the President of Legacy Bowes Group, Winnipeg’s premier HR Solutions provider.  She writes for several high profile newspapers across Canada, most notably, The Winnipeg Free Press.

Combining working world experience with personal stories, Barb’s ability to engage audiences and address the specific needs of different company sizes and industries has made her a valuable resource in the professional speaking world.

Using the same charisma, charm and Human Resource experience, Barbara is also a much sought after professional trainer. With training programs ranging from one-on-one coaching to team workshops, Barbara covers a wide range of HR topics and ideas with confidence.  Barb is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and is a Certified Coach Practitioner.


Marianne Scott Maths and Money

I’m Marianne. I am currently studying for my A-Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Human Biology and hope to go on to study a Maths based course at university. This is my first time writing for FYM magazine and I am excited to get involved and hopefully inspire other people with my writing about maths and how useful it is. My twitter is @mazzymii


Shenaz Minhas Sherk Personal Performance Coach

Shenaz Minhas Sherk is a teacher, careers adviser, freelance writer and aspiring leadership coach.  Shenaz’s experience within the education sector is rich and varied, and shows a recurring passion to see young people succeed personally and professionally.

This experience includes coaching graduates in a career advisory role at City University in London, UK, while also conducting both one-on-one and group workshops in various schools and colleges with an agenda to engage and motivate young people to reach their personal and educational potential.   Prior to City University, Shenaz held a rewarding role leading the development of a Connexions service, also in London, England.  Here she supported young people to overcome obstacles to integrating into the UK.   These roles have ignited her desire for empowering young people towards greater success and purpose.

Shenaz is excited to contribute to FYM while working towards establishing her own business as a Personal Performance Coach in the USA where she now resides with her husband.

Kara Yokley Finance, Business, Social Entrepreneurship

Who is Kara, you ask?  She is many things, among them… a loving daughter, sister, aunt, partner, confidante, and mentor.  She is also… driven, inspired, sometimes moody, usually forgiving, meticulous, devoted to routine, addicted to adventure and adrenaline, an enthusiastic home cook and baker, a semi-professional bond trader, a neo-Luddite and former High Performance Computing analyst, a serial entrepreneur and a leadership coach for young and enthusiastic businesspeople.

She graduated from Harvard University at 19 with a degree in applied math and went on to get her MBA in finance at the Wharton School.  All this notwithstanding, Kara constantly striving for balance in life and is first and foremost a work in progress!

When not indulging her love of exotic travel, she lives across the pond in the lovely and windy city of Chicago.