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The Cabbage’s pick of the internet

The last month has been incredible and it’s only getting better. There’s an unimaginable amount of information on the internet,and here are my favourites.

“Leaders eat last” it is an oddly titled video so I gave it five mins of my time,  then gave it the next 45 mins. This guy is a fascinating speaker and is highly qualified, if you want to know how to be a better leader and a happier person using knowledge about brain structure then watch this.

This speech is actually amazing, it’s very rare for a speaker to be fascinating for a long period of time without prezi, powerpoints or even flipnotes, yet Ms Fiorina manages it. This lady is a walking billboard for why women make amazing business people, watch this you will not be disappointed. I know of no-one else who could take the business issues facing America today and make solving them seem compelling- even simple.

Memrise takes one of the most revolutionary, but dull ideas in recent psychology and (buzzword alert!) ‘gameifies’ it. The idea is spaced repetition using flashcards which makes learning so easy it’s unreal- but it’s also dull. Memrise takes this basic concept and adds so many bells and whistles that you can’t help but have fun. They’ve also created a way to learn Spanish from cats, known as Cat academy, I am not making this up! Forbes called it “a merger of mind, meme, and meow.”. Just look at the links, because I can’t beat that phrase.

Look at cute cats and learn Spanish? Count me in!

Look at cute cats and learn Spanish? Count me in!

There is quite a famous theory that people mainly learn by one of these senses; eyes, ears or touch. It’s a potentially damaging idea because you could waste a lot of time trying to learn by these methods. There’s a lot of cobblers out there about how you learn and this video debunks some of them.

I could say that LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals. I’d be lying to you; it’s so much more than that. It’s an excellent way to find a job, an internship or even an investor. I have a profile and so should you.

Plug alert! The next three are shameless self-promotion, but still highly relevant. My Uni’s entrepreneur society has more resources than you can shake a chequebook at. They also have an ‘entrepreneur’s academy’ which is going to have a load of resources uploaded.

The London Economics Symposium is an amazing opportunity that I’m involved in. The basic idea is to create a dialogue between the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Last year, we had roughly 200 students and a boatload of incredible speakers such as Dr. Alexander Dibelius, (CEO Goldman Sachs Germany, Austria, Central and Eastern Europe; check out the link

Just one more plug, I promise. Enactus is an empowering society that I’m part of. To put it simply they empower people through entrepreneurial action. Lat year, my team (Royal Holloway) empowered 40 Indian women of the untouchable or Dalit clan. By teaching them to make incense sticks we helped them increase their income by 70%- changing their lives for the better. We placed in the top five out of 54 universities.

As you know by now, at FYM,  we like to mix it up a bit, so the next two are books. Firstly we have Maxwell A portrait of power. This guy was found dead at 68, having fallen out of his yacht. He had stolen hundreds of millions from his company’s pension fund. He was born poor, then became a millionaire and an MP.

I no longer read self-help books because I found out they were all saying the same thing – don’t be THAT guy. You know the one I mean, the one who never gets invited to the party. This book though is something else; it’s one of those rare guides written by someone who has succeeded and describes in detail how they did it. It’s called “Influence: How to Make The System Work for You” The author is not a nice man, but he was very good at his job, eventually working as the royal press secretary. The only bad thing about his writing is that he keeps name dropping, I’m a student- I know of Thatcher and Scargill, anyone else from that era may as well be a Martian.

Now I am to procrastination what Usain Bolt is to running, so it’s not surprising that I found this inspiring video about not wasting time whilst I was meant to be writing an essay. That said, it’s definitely worth a watch if just for his great accent. Plus jellybeans, what’s not to love?

So there you have it, the best of January’s interweb (plus some books, just to please my inner hipster), see you next time!

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